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HR & Employment Law advice

LBJ Consultants are proud to confirm that we are HR & Employment Law advisors to the following organisations listed below.  We are especially pleased to be business partners to these worthy organisations and look forward to partnering with other Womens Aid and Rape Crisis centres in the future.


We are also delighted to partner our other clients in various other sectors.

East Ayrshire Women’s Aid is a small organisation with 17 staff. We first contacted LBJ Consulting for help with a difficult employment issue which they supported us to resolve quickly and effectively on a pay as you go basis.

Due to the excellent service we received, our Board of Directors decided to take up their standard service from February 2017. Since then, they have reviewed our policies and procedures and staff handbook, delivered training to our management team and have helped us with various employment issues along the way.


The peace of mind and confidence that the support of Lynda, Billy and Joe has brought to our management team, and our voluntary Board of Directors, is worth every penny. For me the real difference is their accessible and personal approach, something I have never found in larger, more expensive services. This combined with their excellent skill set and considerable experience means I have complete trust in them. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend LBJ Consultants to organisations, particularly small businesses like ours who do not have a dedicated human resources or legal department and for whom mistakes and difficulties with employment issues can have a devastating effect. 

LBJ Consultants have provided our organisation with a first class service. Our first engagement with the company related to the updating of our Company’s Policies and the Employee Handbook. This work was carried out very efficiently and the standard of the finished product is excellent. 

Throughout the year we have approached LJB Consultancy on a number of personnel issues and on each and every occasion have received a first class and quick response to our enquiries. 

Having LBJ Consultancy on board with our company and through the support we have received has strengthened the Management Team and the Board when dealing with personnel issues. 

Hazel Bingham 


South Ayrshire Women’s Aid

Stirling and District Women's Aid have been using the LBJ pay as you go service this last year and we have been very pleased with the service we have received. We are a very busy service working with about 1000 service users per year but have a relatively small staff team of 13 which means that any legal or employment issue will take valuable staff time away from delivering a service. 

We felt we did not need a continuous service on a monthly basis but felt that those times we did need help with employment law it worked better having the same person to contact. As a result the pay as you go service is perfect for us. 


We use LBJ as and when we need it, and have found this very beneficial for us. Using LBJ ensures us that when it comes to time consuming employment and legal issues we have the peace of mind to know that we are doing things right. We have had some help this year with some policy and employment law issues and found Billy very easy to work with and knowledgeable. We have also had help from LBJ in dealing with a particularly difficult issue around freedom of information which we would have struggled with without help. LBJ are easy to work with, responsive and understand the work we do, and the ethos we have, making working together easy and efficient.  


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